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The "house of the Itzaes" ...


Edzna means in the Mayan language “house of the Itzaes”. It is located 55 km southeast of the city of Campeche.
This city was a powerful regional capital between 400 and 1000 AD, however, as its political and economic power diminished, it was abandoned in 1450 AD.


Their constructions were governed mainly by the characteristics of Petén architecture, although later they built their buildings with other architectural styles such as Chenes and Puuc.
Among the main buildings is the Great Acropolis, which consists of a quadrangular base on which twelve structures were built, this building maintains the architectural style of the Guatemalan Petén. There is also the Big House or Nohachná and the Small Acropolis.
In Edzná the Mayans developed an advanced system of hydraulic works: a network of canals drained the valley and the water was led to a lagoon, which was transformed into a dam, through retaining walls, while other canals served to irrigate the fields. Its squares had a magnificent drainage system and the rainwater reached artificial reservoirs, called chultunes.
Mayantours Edzna Archaeological Site

Edzna Archaeological Site

Mayantours Mascarones Temple Edzna Archaeological Site

Mascarones Temple Edzna

Mayantours Small Acropolis Edzna Archaeological Site

Small Acropolis Edzna

Mayantours Edzna Archaeological Site

Edzna Archaeological Site

Mayantours Main Plaza Edzna Archaeological Site

Main Plaza Edzna

Mayantours Five Story Building Edzna Archaeological Site

Five Story Building Edzna

"The house of the Itzaes"

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