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The city "three times built" ...


The city of Uxmal was declared in 1996 by UNESCO as world heritage. It is located 50 km south of the city of Merida.
Uxmal belonged chronologically to the late classical period, from 600 to 900 A.D. and it is considered the most important city in the Puuc region. The word Puuc, which in the Mayan language means “mountain range”, refers to the architectural style of the constructions.


In the Puuc region the buildings are decorated with masks of Chac "God of the rain" as well as frets, panels with hieroglyphics and high crests.
The most representative structures are the Pyramid of the Magician, the Quadrangle of the Nuns, the Quadrangle of the Doves, the Governor's Palace and the Great Pyramid.
Starting from Uxmal, you can travel the Puuc route known as the route of the mounds, where you can visit the archaeological sites Kabah, Sayil and Labná.
Mayantours Puuc Architecture Uxmal Archaeological Site

Puuc Architecture Uxmal

Mayantours Governor Palace Uxmal Archaeological Site

Governor Palace Uxmal

Mayantours Pigeons House Uxmal Archaeological Site

Pigeons House Uxmal

Mayantours Uxmal Archaeological Site

Uxmal Archaeological Site

Mayantours Jaguar Throne Uxmal Archaeological Site

Jaguar Throne Uxmal

Mayantours Tortugas House Uxmal Archaeological Site

Tortugas House Uxmal

"The city three times built"

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