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Motul de Carrillo Puerto ...


The city of Motul is located just 42 km. northeast of the city of Mérida.
The city of Motul is renowned for the traditional Motuleño eggs, which according to the oral memory of its population were commissioned by the governor from the most famous chef in the city.


The city of Motul was the birthplace of the socialist leader Felipe Carrillo Puerto, politician, journalist and Mexican revolutionary leader, governor of Yucatán from 1922 to 1924.
Carrillo Puerto was assassinated by his political enemies in 1924, and because of this the Yucatan Congress decided to name the city, "Motul de Carrillo Puerto" as a posthumous tribute.
At the municipal seat you can visit a temple dedicated to San Juan Bautista, built in the seventeenth century, a church dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption from the colonial era and the house where Felipe Carrillo Puerto was born.
Mayantours Motul Church

Motul Church

Mayantours Motul Main Square

Motul Main Square

Mayantours Motul Main Square

Motul Main Square

"Renowned for the traditional Motuleño eggs"
Motul de Carrillo Puerto

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