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Sinkholes "Cenotes"

Ts´onot "cavern of water" ...

The Yucatan Sinkholes "Cenotes"

Cenotes are deep natural wells. It is estimated that in the Yucatan peninsula there are between 7000 and 8000 cenotes.
They are perhaps the most interesting natural attraction in Yucatan. Without them the ancient Mayan people would have lacked sufficient fresh water, as there are no rivers or lakes in Yucatán. These wells were called ts'onot by the Mayans, and their meaning is "cavern of water."


65 million years ago a 10 km meteor fell. in diameter in the north of the Yucatan peninsula, near a town called Chicxulub, which in Mayan means "the devil's well." This event caused the extinction of countless species on the planet, among them the dinosaurs, caused the formation of caverns in the limestone soil of the peninsula - giving rise to the cenotes - and formed a cloud of dust that for several months prevented the filtration of solar rays, which caused an ice age.
As the ice formed in the polar caps, the sea level decreased and the Yucatan peninsula emerged, the caverns remaining dry, their roofs collapsing, forming what we know today as cenotes. The soil in the Yucatan peninsula allows the filtration of rainwater, which erodes the limestone rock on the roof of the caves and as it thins it collapses. When the water reaches a layer of impermeable volcanic rock, it forms underground rivers.
There are four types of cenotes: Partially open or pitcher-shaped, open or free fall, ancient cenotes or aguadas, and cave-type cenotes. A large number of cenotes that have been conditioned to be visited, some of the most beautiful are: Chelentún, Chaczinicche, Bolonchoojol, Elepetén, Ik kil, Kambulnah, Kankirixché, Nayah, Papakal, Samulá, X-Batún, X-Canché, X 'Kekén, Zací and Xcanahaltún.
Mayantours Bolonchojol Cenote Cuzama

Bolonchojol Cenote Cuzama

Mayantours Homun Cenotes

Homun Cenotes

Mayantours Xcanahaltun Cenote Temozon

Xcanahaltun Cenote Temozon

Mayantours Chak-Zinik-Che Cenote Cuzama

Chak-Zinik-Che Cenote Cuzama

Mayantours Xcanahaltun Cenote Temozon

Xcanahaltun Cenote Temozon

Mayantours Hool-Kozom Cenote Homun

Hool-Kozom Cenote Homun

"Ts´onot - cavern of water"
Yucatan Cenotes

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